Chile is located in Ecuador and Mundial

In the case of Chile, the United States of America, Ecuador, and the Copa de Mundo fracasó el viernes, cuando un panel discipline of the organization rector de fudbol mundial rechazó and que de ecuador hiat alineado a un jugador variosificación from elegant deens.

In the case of the tower of Byron Castillo, which is considered to be part of the country of Colombia, it has been the subject of other documents in the identification of the ecuatoriano. The Federation of Chilean States has submitted a certificate to the national authorities, including national certificates, in respect of which reclamation has taken place.

The application of the rules of FIFA, the alignation of the contractor, is considered to be a significant part of the role of the footballer.

Ecuador is responsible for the elimination of continents, which are subject to automatic transfer to the Sudanérica para el Mundial. In the case of Chile, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has taken part in the accession of Castillo, which has been the subject of a reciprocal agreement between the Parties. The former Chilean authorities have calculated the conditions for the accession of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the Ecuador.

FIFA is responsible for analyzing the development of the invasive economy of Peru, which is a competitor in the international context and is still a member of the Ecuadorian Republic of Ecuador.

Chile is the subject of an appeal.

“For the purposes of the resolution,” said Eduardo Carlezzo, representing the Federation of Chile. “It is only in the case of Colombia that the country of Colombia has been a member of Colombia. For that reason, the appellants and the appellants must be considered to be fully informed. ‘

The Federal Government of the United Kingdom issue and comunicado Chile has submitted a request for an amendment to the Treaty establishing the European Community.

“The recourse to the Commonwealth of the Covenants has been attended by the Government of the United States of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

In the case of Castillo, it is considered that the investigation was carried out in the same way as other investigations in the case of Ecuador’s analysis of the situation in the Member States and the 75-year period of validity of the aid in the case of an error in the case of Ecuador and the Copa de Mundo in the evening, the responses of the national federation shall apply to the incorporation of the Castillo and the Mayoration in the evening.

Hace dos años, de hecho, el presidente de una comisión especial de Investigación convocada por la federación pareció sugreir que Castillo era Colombiano, algo que los funcionarios chilenos argumentaron que habían corroborado.

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